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Whether you're newly diagnosed with celiac disease or a wheat allergy, or someone you love is, the prospect of gluten-free cooking can be a little overwhelming. What’s okay to eat? What needs to be avoided? And how will you change your ingrained kitchen habits? With an estimated 1.6 million people eating gluten-free in the United States, these are worries for many people embarking on the gluten-free diet. The fact is that foods with gluten are staples in American households—but the good news is that they still can be without gluten.

It’s true: Cooking without gluten doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on favorite foods, flavors, and dishes.

Delicious gluten-free recipes can bring Double-Chocolate Brownies, Sandwich Bread, and more

The Best Gluten-Free Pasta Brands of 2017

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The Best Gluten-Free Pasta Brands of 2017

Everything you need to know about the plethora of gluten-free spaghetti noodles on the market right now.

Gluten Free & More conducted a comprehensive market overview and product testing to find out which gluten-free pastas on the market are superior. What we discovered is that gluten-free pasta is far better, much more varied, more available, and less expensive than we expected! Gluten-free pasta is made from different flours and grains than conventional wheat pasta. This variety enhances our noodles and expands the wonderful array of pasta choices we have. If you’re in the rut of eating the same pasta over and over again, it’s time to explore all the delicious options! And believe us - there are plenty.

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