Allergy-Friendly Meal Ideas

If you are looking for complete easy-to-follow recipes for tasty and delicious allergy-friendly meals that won't break the bank, Living Without is for you. When you or a loved one are living with food allergies meals can still taste great and be easy to make.

Are you someone that loves to cook? Whether it be Lamb Kofta, Mediterranean Pork Burgers with Gremolata or Dairy-Free Mashed Yams we have the dish that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. And just because it tastes great and doesn't come from a microwave doesn't mean it has to be hard to prepare. Try our recipe for Quick and Easy Gluten Free, Dairy-Free Black Bean Corn Chilli.

Do you hate to cook or just don't have the time? There are still great tasting and allergy-friendly meal options for you. Check out our The JOY of (Not) Not Cooking recipes.

There is so much more to Living Without than our over a decade of allergy-friendly recipes, we also have informative articles like Shopping Gluten-Free and more

Authentic Foods Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Featured Recipe

Authentic Foods Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Authentic Foods gluten-free pizza crust is gum-free and still stretchable!

Finally, a gluten-free pizza crust so good that not even Italians can’t tell it’s gluten-free! This is a strong crust, perfect for holding all your toppings, made like a traditional pizza dough – just add water, oil and yeast! The dough will rise, in fact it will double to triple in size! Thanks to our 17-year research project to recreate wheat without gums, you’ll be able to stretch this dough just like you were stretching a traditional pizza! This flour is the perfect base for any style pizza, calzones, garlic knots, and much, much more!

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