Tips for Eating Out:
Gluten-Free Restaurant Dining

[Updated July 6, 2015]

Can you go out with friends and family, eat an allergy-friendly meal, and still enjoy yourself? Today, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" More and more restaurants of all sizes, menus, price ranges, and styles now offer a broad choice of food options appealing to all patrons. Awareness of diners’ special needs is at an all-time high.

By asking the right questions and speaking to right staffers, you can be assured to dine on an enjoyable and safe meal. Check out the advice in these articles from Gluten Free & More.

And check out the "Your Menu" section on our "Gluten-Free 101" page for more tips on gluten-free, allergy-friendly dining out at restaurants.

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Let's Eat Out: Tips for Safe Gluten-Free Restaurant Dining

My adult son e-mailed me recently, asking for dining-out tips that he could share with his colleague who had just been diagnosed with celiac disease. “Most places have gluten-free selections,” I wrote him back. “Tell her it’s no big deal.” Source: Living Without

Inside Look at Eating Out

Former Disney food-allergy chef shares the secrets to safe restaurant dining

Restaurants With Special-Diet Menus

A renaissance is taking place in the restaurant industry and people on special diets can taste the benefits. From independently owned restaurants to national chains and fast food franchises, the food service industry is recognizing food allergies and sensitivities as a market that can no longer be ignored. The shift in awareness is due to the growing number of people on special diets¡ª12 million Americans have food allergies, 3 million have celiac disease, and millions more have dietary concerns due to conditions like lactose intolerance and diabetes. The increased need for allergy-friendly dining options has generated industry interest in the special-diet diner. It¡¯s a win-win situation that¡¯s sure to increase business for restaurants and provide a wider trough of choices for food-sensitive diners. Source: Living Without

Restaurant Rules for Children

A guide to dining out with food-allergic children

Some Allergy Friendly Tips on Eating Out

Contact the manager during non-peak hours and explain your food allergy or sensitivity. When you make the reservation, have staff note your allergy next to your name. When you arrive, ask to speak to the manager or chef to confirm your special needs. Source: Living Without

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