Tongue with Mushroom Sauce



When poached with aromatics like onions and garlic, tongue meat tastes very reminiscent of pot roast. The mushroom sauce brings a wallop of umami to the table.

Photo by Matthew Kadey

2-4 pounds beef tongue
1 onion, quartered
4 garlic cloves, peeled
1 teaspoon whole peppercorns
1 teaspoon salt
1 bay leaf
2 teaspoons canola oil or grapeseed oil
10 ounces cremini mushrooms, sliced
½ cup sliced shallots
2 garlic cloves, minced
⅔ cup white wine
2 teaspoons cornstarch or arrowroot powder
1 tablespoon butter or non-dairy butter alternative
2 teaspoons fresh thyme
¼ teaspoon black pepper
⅓ cup fresh parsley, roughly chopped

1. Place tongue in a large saucepan. Add onion, garlic, peppercorns, salt, bay leaf and enough water to cover the tongue by 2-inches. Bring to a slow boil over medium-low, reduce heat and simmer very gently, partially covered, until tongue is tender and easily pierced with a knife at its thickest part (about 1 hour per pound of tongue).

2. Remove tongue from poaching liquid and let cool only to the point where you can handle it. Reserve 1 cup of the poaching liquid. To peel off the skin, start at the throat end of the tongue and use a small knife to lift up some of the skin. Then start peeling off the skin with your fingers. Scrape off any bumpy areas with the back of a chef’s knife. Slice tongue thinly against the grain.

3. To make the mushroom sauce, heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add mushrooms, shallots and garlic; heat until mushrooms have softened, about 4 minutes. Add wine to pan, raise heat to medium-high and boil until most of the wine has reduced. Whisk cornstarch or arrowroot powder into 1 cup of the reserved beef tongue broth and pour into pan. Simmer until slightly thickened, about 3 minutes. Stir in butter, thyme and black pepper and heat until butter has melted.

4. Serve beef tongue slices topped with mushroom sauce and parsley.





Each serving contains calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugars, protein.