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A Happy Moment Living on a Special Diet

Sometimes there’s a good side to having allergies and sensitivities

It hasn't always been easy, every day is a silver lining in that since we changed my daughters diet to one that is gluten/dairy/soy free....I have my beautiful daughter back. Gone are the days of her lost in her obsessions, unable to function. I have a thriving young lady who now is open to new experiences, to growing and to learning.

The diet change has been so transformative for all of us that I created a business as a holistic health coach to help families as they adjust to a life with food sensitivities/allergies with a focus on children with learning disabilities and behavior problems. Many people are frightened at the idea of changing the diet, I want to show them that by doing so, they might be making one of the best decisions for the health and wellness of their family. If they have that, somehow not being able to eat a slice of pizza starts to seem insignificant.

- Carin Blatteis

Check out her website over at www.defineyourwellness.com

Do you have a “silver lining” story of your own? Do you remember how you felt when you first learned you had a food allergy? Help show the millions of people that are newly diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity that just because their life will never be the same, it doesn’t mean it has to be miserable… just different.

Share your story by emailing us at facebook@livingwithout.com and it may be featured on our website and Facebook page.


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