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A Happy Moment Living on a Special Diet

Sometimes there’s a good side to having allergies and sensitivities

Recently, I had a group over for a casual dinner. One friend walked in with a plate of gorgeous chocolate whoppie pies and placed them on my kitchen counter. “An extra dessert for tonight,” she announced. I winced a little inside, knowing that two other guests were (quietly) living gluten free and that this dessert would be off limits to them. Respecting their privacy, I had taken complete control of the menu in order to ward off any conversation about who could and would be eating what dish. I really hadn’t wanted to make a big deal about special diets at this gathering. Still, I didn’t want to be ungracious to my friend for her generous offering.

“Ummm. They look delicious,” I said. And they did. In fact, they looked completely amazing.

“My daughter used the recipe in your magazine,” she said.


“She made them for her kids this afternoon and had enough left over for me to bring the extras tonight,” she explained.

Those chocolaty GF whoopie pies were beyond yummy. They were a complete surprise and a total treat. Everyone enjoyed them without worry. (Now if they were only zero calories!) 

Do you have a “silver lining” story of your own? Do you remember how you felt when you first learned you had a food allergy? Help show the millions of people that are newly diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity that just because their life will never be the same, it doesn’t mean it has to be miserable… just different.

Share your story by emailing us at facebook@livingwithout.com and it may be featured on our website and Facebook page.

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