What’s Your Best Valentine’s Day Memory?


We asked you to tell us about your favorite February 14th. Here’s what you said.


  • When I thought about a favorite Valentine’s memory, I started smiling, remembering what my husband did for me about 20 years ago. We had two young kids at the time and very little money, so we had decided to get each other just “a little something.” We went out for dinner and enjoyed our time together. I gave him a tee shirt with a bunch of tools on the front with the saying, “So many tools. So little time.” He seemed to get a kick out of it but then he handed me a small, nicely wrapped box. Inside was a very pretty diamond pendant. It wasn’t a large diamond but it was beautiful and continues to mean a lot to me even after all these years. —Pat Marks
  • My favorite Valentine’s Day was my first one with my hubby before we got married. He chose to propose to me the day before February 14 for a couple of reasons. He didn’t want to be like everyone else and do it on Valentine’s Day and he wanted to be engaged to me on that special day. The celebration of our love now goes over two days and has continued for 35 years! —Mary Wikle
  • My dad still buys me a box of chocolates every year on Valentine’s Day. With my children, we celebrate with gluten-free spaghetti and meatballs and chocolate fondue for dessert. —Lisa Patel
  • Valentine’s Day has always been a welcome holiday in the middle of winter. I was room mother at my son’s elementary school every year. I loved to bring doilies, hearts and my delicious baked goods to the class Valentine’s Day parties. One year, the kids were making special Valentine cards for their parents. They were to wrap a cookie in a heart-print bag with a special message inside written by the child. The kids descended on the cookies, exclaiming how good they were. When they finally finished all their cards and had all the cookies in the bags, my son came up to me and asked for another cookie. I told him they were all gone. He then asked if he could add something to his card. So I opened it and he added, “P.S. I love you but the cookie is for me.” (I loved being a room mother!)
  • I used to bake heart-shape brownies with cream cheese icing, each with a carefully cut strawberry heart on top. I’d also make pink cherry-flavored cookies drizzled with melted chocolate. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with severe celiac disease, I make the same delicious baked goods using xantham gum, corn flour and rice flour. No one ever suspects they’re gluten-free. —Ginger Birkner
  • When I was in college, my boyfriend took me out for dinner at a restaurant where they had balloons. It was our first date and he handed me a balloon at the doorway. We had a great date. When we left, he tickled me and the balloon flew up, up and away. I guess I had a huge look of disappointment on my face. The following week, I left work and got to my car—and it was filled with balloons. —Doreen Pasquarella
  • Marrying my soulmate. I guess technically we eloped. It was a lovely little ceremony planned in two days. We got married in Tombstone, “the town too tough to die.” We say the same of our commitment to each other—12 years and counting. —Anna Teel
  • My husband-to-be, down on one knee in a restaurant skyscraper overlooking the city and the river, asked me to marry him. A beautiful antique scrolled diamond ring with wine, chocolates and dessert. A heavenly affair! —JoAnn Fare Miller
  • I married the love of my life on Valentine’s Day. —Melinda Grubb
  • My then boyfriend came to my house and handed me a card, which was blank except for the words “Will you marry me?” in his handwriting. I looked at him and he had a ring in his hand. And he said, “WELL?” —Cooky Mioni
  • Last year was actually my favorite V-day so far. My mom purchased a goodie basket from a Christmas auction for my husband and me. It had everything in it to make a homemade dinner, plus wine, chocolate and two blankets to cozy up by the fire. We had a fantastic evening. —Brie Hawkins