Vitamin Deficiency in Kids with Celiac


Researchers in Turkey evaluated fat-soluble vitamin levels in children (average age of 9) newly diagnosed with celiac disease. They found that the vitamin A and D levels of these kids were significantly lower compared to the children who didn’t have celiac disease. And deficiencies in vitamin A and D were significantly higher. Vitamin A deficiency was seen in almost 33% of the newly diagnosed children. Vitamin D deficiency was seen in 61.5%. (In non-celiac kids, vitamin D deficiency was 4%; other vitamin levels were identified as normal). There were no children with vitamin E and vitamin K1 deficiencies.

Interestingly, growth retardation was the most frequent symptom seen in the celiac children (about 61%). Other common celiac symptoms were abdominal pain (almost 52%) and diarrhea (about 11%).

Researchers said that the routine evaluation of vitamin D and A levels in children newly diagnosed with celiac disease could be beneficial.

The study was published in BMC Pediatrics.