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gluten free turkey
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Here are 9 gluten free poultry brands that you can rely on for finding the perfect gluten free turkey this Thanksgiving season.

No need to stress over finding the right turkey. Many companies offer birds that are gluten-free. Here are our favorite brands of gluten-free birds, some with laudable animal welfare practices. Enjoy your holiday feast!

Great Gluten-Free Gravy

Almost all Butterball products are gluten-free, with the exception of stuffed turkeys, meatballs and some fully cooked items. Don’t worry about the gravy packet—Butterball’s gravy contains rice flour and is gluten-free. Want to talk turkey? Butterball’s call-in hotline is a lifeline.


Jennie-O Makes It Easy

No detective work is needed with Jennie-O, which clearly labels its gluten-free products, including Premium Fresh Young Turkey, Fresh All Natural Young Turkey and Tender & Juicy Young Turkey. Want to skip the hard work? Oven Ready Whole Turkey is preseasoned and includes a gluten-free gravy packet made with rice flour. For a grab-and-go meal, you’ll find fully cooked Bone-In Turkey Pot Roast in the deli section.


Gluten-Free Kosher Turkeys

Empire Kosher offers gluten-free, kosher Whole Turkey, Frozen Whole Turkey and Frozen Whole Turkey Breast. Empire Kosher products are humanely raised by small family farmers.


Best Buy Gluten-Free Turkey

Norbest verifies that its whole turkeys do not contain gluten. Check out its Tender-Timed Young Turkey, Family Tradition Young Turkey, Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey and Oven-Roasted Whole Turkey.


Foster Farms Turkey

Foster Farms is best known for its chicken, but it also produces some varieties of gluten-free turkey. Its Fresh Young Turkey and Fresh Young Turkey Breast are free from gluten.


Family Farmed Gluten-Free Turkey

Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms, both owned by Cargill, sell gluten-free turkeys raised by independent family farmers. Honeysuckle White offers gluten-free fully cooked turkeys, like Fully Cooked Oven Roasted Whole Turkey and Fully Cooked Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey. Its Fresh Young Turkey and Frozen Young Turkey are prebasted with a gluten-free broth. Shady Brook Farms sells gluten-free Fresh Whole Turkey and Frozen Whole Turkey.,


Perdue Gluten-Free Turkey

Perdue, better known for its chicken, offers whole turkeys that are free from gluten. Its Harvestland Whole Turkeys are also raised cage-free.


Diestel Family Turkey

Diestel Turkey Ranch, a fourth-generation family farm, provides tasty whole turkeys from its sustainable ranch, including organic, all-natural, heirloom and pasture-raised varieties. The turkeys are fed gluten-free grains without fillers and are raised under strict standards. Diestel also offers Organic American Heirloom turkeys, a rare variety from the 1920s.


Heritage Gluten-Free Favorite

Want to know more about your turkey? Check out Mary’s Turkey and its video showing how turkeys are raised. All of Mary’s turkeys are gluten-free, free-range, fed a vegetarian diet, humanely raised and given enhanced outdoor access. Mary’s Free-Range Heritage Turkeys run, fly and breed naturally, resulting in a bird with more thigh meat and slightly less breast meat


Always read labels carefully. Manufacturers can change ingredients without warning. Not every product sold by every company listed is gluten-free or allergy-friendly. When in doubt, confirm ingredients directly with the manufacturer. Other regional turkey brands may be safe for a gluten-free diet; always consult manufacturer before consuming.


  1. gluten free also depends on the feed the ranchers use. diestel and jennio o use soy and corn products which are unhealthy and can contain gluten. why not do a study on the ‘feed’? soymeal and cornmeal are awful and unhealthy. please advise.

  2. Actually it very much depends on the feed as though the meat may be gluten free.. soy is another story and for those with thyroid conditions, on thyroid medication or thyroid replacement hormone, including those without thyroid… Soy fed is a no no!


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