Publisher’s Note: You Inspire Us


“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”
John Wayne

This magazine has a unique readership. Each of us has been challenged with a life-altering condition and each of us is learning to cope. Whether it is an allergy, an intolerance, a sensitivity, autism, ADHD, celiac disease, diabetes—whatever the diagnosis, change can be scary. It forces us to summon courage, figure out how to saddle up and ride on. And I’m riding along with you, trying to make the Duke proud.    

A recent readership survey found that, on average, our readers are living with more than two food allergies or sensitivities per household. That’s a lot to manage!

We’re responding to the survey by continuing to give you the tools you need to overcome obstacles in your path. We know that something as seemingly simple as baking bread can be very challenging when key ingredients, like wheat flour, dairy or eggs, are no longer an option. That’s why this issue contains some amazing recipes for breads, baguettes and dinner rolls (page 34). There’s also a variety of allergy-friendly menus using seasonal ingredients (pages 40 and 44) and fun food ideas for kids (page 48). And, as always, we’ve included lots of inspirational articles to keep you motivated and plenty of news and resources to keep you informed.

You are the reason this magazine exists and it’s wonderful to get your feedback. The other day we got an e-mail from Jayne Butler, one of many readers who praised Rebecca Reilly’s recipe for egg bread featured in our August/September issue. Jayne wrote, “I made the egg bread and it was wonderful. It rose beautifully and didn’t fall after baking. My celiac daughter was thrilled as she showed me how she could bend a slice of bread without it breaking, a delight for us gluten-free folks. I will be a loyal subscriber forever.”

As a celiac myself, few things are more exciting to me than good gluten-free bread. As a publisher, knowing that this magazine has enhanced Jayne’s life is cause for real celebration.  
We’ll continue to bring you the best recipes, products, inspiring stories, research discoveries and the latest special-diet news and ideas—all to help you live well, Living Without.