Progress in Celiac Vaccine Development

doctor in medical gloves making injection to little girl in clinic
iStock / Getty Images Plus/ LightFieldStudios

ImmusanT announced it has started its Phase 2 trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Nexvax2, the company’s therapeutic vaccine for celiac disease. It targets patients who carry the HLA-DQ2.5 gene, about 90 percent of people with celiac disease.

“This trial is designed to demonstrate protection against inadvertent exposure to gluten,” said Leslie Williams, CEO of ImmusanT, in a press release. “The ultimate goal is to develop Nexvax2 as a treatment that will allow patients to return to an unrestricted diet. We look forward to taking the next step to collect the clinical evidence to move Nexvax2 towards approval.”

Nexvax2 is an epitope-specific immunotherapy, a class of therapeutic vaccine that reprograms the T cells responsible for celiac disease to stop triggering a pro-inflammatory response. It’s composed of peptides that include the epitopes most commonly recognized by T cells responsible for celiac disease.

For more information about the trial, including inclusion and exclusion criteria, visit (Identifier: NCT03644069).