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A growing number of establishments handle food allergies particularly well. Many restaurant chains now post the ingredients of their menu items online and identify those that contain some of the most common allergens. Fast food chains, such as Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King and many others, now make their full menus available on their websites. In a pinch, chains are an option because menu items across a region are generally identical and prepared in the same way—but you still always need to ask and watch for cross-contamination!

Here are a few noteworthy eateries that are allergy friendly.

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano

Biaggi’s is a chain of Italian restaurants with 21 locations nationwide. It offers an extensive gluten-free menu with selections that include classic dishes, such as Pasta Alfredo and Pasta Marinara, made with brown rice pasta and a variety of pizzas made with gluten-free dough.

PF Chang’s

This national chain makes it easy for those with food allergies to enjoy Asian cuisine, which often contains common allergens like soy, egg and nuts. In addition to a gluten-free selection, PF Chang’s prepares multiple versions of its menu tailored to a variety of common allergens (milk, peanuts and others), available upon request.

Walt Disney

Disney resorts and theme parks set the bar high with their exceptional food allergy policies. Chefs can often be seen visiting with special-diet guests, walking them through the menu. Even at the busiest restaurants, managers are adept at handling dietary needs with speed and confidence. Many Disney restaurants have special allergy-friendly items on hand for guests, such as dairy-free and nut-free desserts.

Not Your Average Joe’s

This Massachusetts chain is worth mentioning because of its highly trained staff. As soon as a server is notified of a food allergy, a manager steps in to supervise meal preparation, coordinating with the chef to ensure all ingredients are safe and that preparation avoids cross-contamination. When the dish is ready, the manager personally delivers it to the table.

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