Our Star-Studded Group


Whenever I talk with young children who are newly diagnosed with celiac disease, I inform them that they have joined a very special group. Gluten-free people are fun, I tell them. We’re cool! We’re hip! Lucky you, I say. You now belong to an amazing community. You get to sit at the fun table and eat lots of delicious gluten-free stuff.

This is honestly how I feel.

So I am not surprised to learn that Beyonce wants in. She is launching a gluten-free meal delivery service (it’s also vegan and soy-free). How hip are we now, people? We are so hip that super-mega-star Beyonce is starting a business to keep us well fed.

It’s not news that we already have notable celebrities in our community. There’s a list of wonderful stars diagnosed with celiac disease, food allergies and sensitivities. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees from the sports world. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Jennifer Esposito and Zooey Deschanel from the entertainment industry. Uber-intellectual Sarah Vowell from the literary world. Just to name a few.

I’m not sure Beyonce has a diagnosed medical condition that inspires her entrepreneurship but I welcome her. Of all the famous names to hop on the special-diet bandwagon, she is arguably the biggest yet.

Which leads me to say that this issue is our biggest yet—more recipes, more lifestyle advice, more medical info, more cooking tips. This expansion reflects our continued desire to bring you more and our ongoing commitment to be your go-to magazine for vibrant health and for living deliciously and abundantly.

This is the best time in history to be a celiac and to have food allergies and sensitivities. As far as I’m concerned, the more celebrities who pick up the flag, the better it is for us.

So thanks, Beyonce, for making this middle-aged mom feel a little bit hip. When I tell my kids that I’m feeling hip, they roll their eyes. Then they tell me that anyone who uses the word “hip” this much is definitely not hip. I am not listening, kids. I’m too busy eating like the stars.