Living Without’s Favorites: A Good Mix



There’s a reason Blackbird Bakery has a list of loyal celebrity clients. It’s more than the fact that their flour blends are certified gluten-free and also free of soy, dairy, nuts and xanthan gum. Blackbird’s baking mixes—Biscuit Blend, Pie & Pasta Blend, Cookie Jar Blend, Donut & Fritter Blend—are full of superb taste and they’re quick and easy to use. Let’s talk about the Donut & Fritter Blend: It’s delicious and versatile. Not only does it make wonderful donuts and fritters, it delicately coats fried chicken and tempura shrimp and creates fabulous cream puffs and éclairs. One $8 bag yields four batches—a total of 48 large fritters.