Living Without’s Favorite Books: Talk about ‘Tude!


Meet the No Biggie Bunch, a gang of six fun-loving kids who remind us that, yes, food allergies are a big deal—but living with them doesn’t have to be. No Biggie Bunch adventures are captured in a series of five children’s books edited and published by mothers Heather Mehra and Kerry McManama. These stories of everyday events (i.e., birthday party, Halloween, etc.) highlight specific allergies in colorful pages designed to empower kids to creatively cope with food allergies. The latest in the series, Everyday Cool with Food Allergies, Conversation Starters for Kids & Caregivers (Parent Perks, Inc.) by Michael Pistner, MD, of Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, educates kids and caregivers about safety. A very serious topic covered in a playful, engaging way. Check out the whole gang at


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