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Living Without’s Favorite Books: Quick Artisan Breads

Of course you can’t bake artisan bread—boules, baguettes, ciabattas, pitas and such—in five minutes. But in Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (Thomas Dunne Books), Jeff Hertzberg, MD, and Zoë François share their timesaving tips. The secret is preparing and refrigerating a batch of high-moisture dough, taking what you need for a recipe, letting it rest, prepping it (shaping the loaf and getting it into the oven—this is where your five minutes is counted) and baking it. No kneading, no proofing, no punching down. The authors share detailed explanations of simple techniques, plus more than 90 recipes and photos of specialty gluten-free breads. You’ll be on your way to delicious bread in no time.