I’m Retiring

Alicia Woodward

I found a baby calf in the woods the other day. He was lying perfectly still, curled up under a tree. With no mother in sight and the herd in a pasture a quarter mile away (we’d moved the cows earlier in the week for better grass), the little guy didn’t stand a chance.

My husband and I were able to gently corner him against the rail fence and we returned him to the herd, hoping his mother would claim him. The cows were very curious about the new arrival but not one of them would let him nurse. He got a kick or head bump with every feeble attempt. It was hard to watch.

As usual, it all comes down to food. If he was going to make it, he had to eat—and eat the food that was right for him. Just like you and me, right?

Fortunately for us, there’s a smorgasbord of wonderful gluten-free recipes in these pages—homemade wraps (with tasty fillings), delicious brownies, cauliflower pizza, a lovely spring dinner, quick breads and more. We also bring you essential tips to boost wellness, find hidden gluten and plan a gluten-free wedding celebration. And don’t miss our new product finds and our gluten-free product reviews.
Getting back to the cows, it’s rare that a calf is abandoned by its mother but it can happen, for example, when a cow has twins. After watching this new calf try painfully again and again to suckle, it was clear we had to step in. We moved him to the barn and I’m now bottle feeding him twice a day. With the proper nourishment, this baby (now dubbed Boris) is growing and thriving.

As I settle solidly into my sixth decade, I’m retiring from my position with this magazine. My 21 years of working in this community have been a very meaningful and rich experience for which I’m grateful.

Friends say they retire for more time with their families. To be sure, I have children and grandchildren to visit. But my definition of family and my sense of connection have profoundly expanded—and that’s thanks to you. We’re all in this together. I wish you health, happiness and lots of delicious eating.

With love and gratitude from a GF farm girl,