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How to Make Rainbow Swirl Cupcake Frosting

1. Make Vanilla “Buttercream” Frosting according to instructions.

2. Divide the frosting into 4 to 6 equal portions, depending on how many colors you want in your Rainbow Swirl Frosting and place them into separate medium-size bowls.

3. Add several drops of food dye to each portion, stirring until the color is evenly distributed throughout.

4. Put each frosting portion into a separate plastic storage bag. Clip off about 1 inch from one corner of each plastic bag. Place a piece of plastic wrap on the counter. Pipe each portion of colored frosting into a log-shape onto the plastic wrap, with each log closely touching the next.

5. Taking the long end of the plastic wrap, fold it completely over the logs of frosting to form one uniform log. Roll the log over until you reach the other long end of the plastic wrap.

6. Fold the plastic wrap into a fairly tight cone, twisting the two ends to seal.

7. Place the cone into a large frosting bag fitted with a Ateco 827 Large Star tip or Ateco 806 Large Round tip or equivalent. Pull one twisted end completely through the tip.

8. Using a scissors, clip the twisted end at the end of the tip.

9. Frost the cupcakes using circular swirls–and enjoy!

Diane Kittle is the owner of Dee’s One Smart Cookie, a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free bakery in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Most of her bakery items are also egg-free and corn-free. She has been a contributor since 2008.