Gluten-Free Pickles


Fermented goodness, fresh from the garden

Almost any vegetable can be turned into a crisp, tangy pickle. Jalapeño peppers and root veggies like beets can be fermented and preserved to enjoy as a gluten-free condiment, a gluten-free salad or a gluten-free side dish.

Homemade pickles are easy and fun to make. Unlike commercial varieties, which are prepared with heat, homemade pickles are raw. They’re transformed into pickles using a salt brine and sometimes a culture starter. This means they’re fresh, nutrient-dense and alive with healthy probiotics.

Crunchy Gluten-Free Beet Pickles


Pickled beet slices are delicious with gluten-free burgers and gluten-free sandwiches, in gluten-free salads and on gluten-free antipasto trays.

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Gluten-Free Jalapeño Pepper Pickles


Jalapeño peppers are easy to grow and they produce an abundant yield. Red jalapeños may have an extra-peppery kick. Wear gloves when slicing them to avoid getting residue on your hands and rubbing your face or eyes. This gluten-free recipe uses sliced peppers with some seeds. To reduce the heat, remove all the seeds. Enjoy these pickles in Mexican dishes or wherever you enjoy a bite of extra heat.

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