Gluten-Free Food is Fun!


Follow these tips to successful baking with your youngster.

Set It Up

Read through the recipe first. Assemble all ingredients, bowls, measuring cups and pans. Preheat the oven and start mixing!

Safety First

Establish ground rules to keep everyone safe. Sharp knives, boiling water and hot burners can be dangerous. Carefully supervise younger children.

Good Example

Your attitude sets the tone. Have a good time in the kitchen. Let your kids know that creating delicious items is exciting and fun.


Don’t be a perfectionist. Encourage creativity and allow for mistakes. There will be messes and spills—don’t sweat it!

Hands On

Choose simple cooking activities that your kids can do easily. Hand-cranking a pasta machine is a perfect way to keep them engaged and productive.

Switch It Off

Don’t let electronic toys or devices distract. Turn off TV and put computer games and cell phones aside.

Kitchen Class

Cooking is a great way to practice math skills and reading comprehension and to instruct in proper nutrition.

Have a Party

Rainy day? Invite your children’s friends to come over and cook. Make special aprons. Take pictures and start a neighborhood cookbook. Everyone joins in clean up!