Gluten Free Bread Must-Haves


Bread may be the staff of life but finding good gluten-free bread is not always easy. Finding delicious dinner rolls is even harder. Luckily, we’ve uncovered the upper crust of gluten-free rolls. Put these breadwinners on your table and keep extra in your freezer.

Sourdough Savior

Bread Srsly Classic Sourdough Dinner Rolls are straight out of your gluten-free dreams. This San Francisco-based company makes safe sourdough free from gluten, eggs and dairy. The rolls are created using traditional fermentation of organic white rice, millet and sorghum flour in a certified gluten-free facility. Bread Srsly also offers gum-free versions of its dinner rolls, made with psyllium husk powder instead of xanthan gum. $32 for 48 dinner rolls., 866-338-3948

Made in a gluten-free facility that processes milk and eggs.

Roll With It

Manini’s gluten-free dinner rolls are sold in the gluten-free freezer section at Whole Foods Market. Free from rice, they’re made with ancient grains like millet, sorghum and amaranth flour. They are fluffy and delicious, ideal for holiday dinner. $4.99 for 6 rolls., 206-686-4600

Contains egg.

Challah Days

Katz Gluten-Free makes two types of certified gluten-free dinner rolls that caught our attention. The Small Challah Dinner Rolls (with or without sesame) and the Oat Rolls were the hit of our taste-testing party—soft with a homemade taste. Challah Dinner Rolls $4.49 for 4 rolls; Oat Rolls $5.49 for 4 rolls., 845-782-5307

Challah dinner rolls contain egg and soy;

Oat rolls contain egg.

Celiacs Can Eat This Wheat

Schär Croissants are flaky and delicious and made with certified gluten-free wheat starch. We know, it’s scary to eat wheat as a celiac. But this wheat starch is processed to be under 20 parts per million of gluten, meeting FDA standards of gluten-free. This gluten-free wheat starch has been used safely in Europe for years. The croissants are sold in the freezer section and can be shipped frozen from Also available with hazelnut cream inside. $5.99 for 4 croissants., 201-355-8470

Contains egg, milk and wheat.

You Knead These

Udi’s Whole Grain Seeded Dinner Rolls are certified gluten-free and readily available at specialty and grocery stores. Made with brown rice flour, teff, amaranth and sorghum flour and a mixture of seeds, these whole-grain rolls are more flavorful than a white rice dinner roll. Also available in Classic French Dinner Rolls. $7.89 for 6 rolls., 201-421-3970

Contains egg.

Rustic Rosemary

Rudi’s Rosemary Olive Oil Ciabatta Rolls are certified gluten-free and non-GMO. The flavorful combination of olive oil, rosemary and garlic are a tasty addition to any table—crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Rudi’s also makes plain ciabatta rolls. $6.99 for 8 rolls., 877-293-0876

Contains egg.

Shelf-Stable Goodness

Schär Ciabatta Parbaked Rolls are certified gluten-free and shelf stable, meaning they’re ideal for traveling. Made with corn and rice flours, these hearty rolls are great for dinner spreads. Also available in Multigrain Ciabatta Parbaked Rolls and in Baguettes. $4.99 for 4 rolls., 201-355-8470

Contains soy.

A Taste of Brazil

Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread are palm-size cheesy rolls that are certified gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free and sugar-free. They come in Original, Garlic Asiago, Nitrate-Free Bacon and Jalapeno Pepper Jack flavors. Available at select natural product retailers and online. $4.99-$5.99 for 20 bites., 503-442-3649

Contains egg and milk.

Good Ener-G 

Ener-G Tapioca Dinner Rolls are free from the top 8 allergens, made in a dedicated gluten-free facility and Non-GMO Project verified. The rice flour-based rolls are best warmed or toasted. $6.50 for 6 rolls., 800-331-5222

Other Ways to Roll

Udi’s French Baguettes are perfect for hot garlic bread and cheesy bread, fresh from the oven. These certified gluten-free baguettes are available at many grocery stores. $6.89 for 2 loaves. Contains egg., 201-421-3970

Neutral-flavored Kinnikinnick Soft Dinner Rolls are perfect for slathering on spreads and other toppings. Made with white rice flour, the rolls are lab tested to under 5 ppm of gluten. $4.99 for 6 rolls. Contains egg., 877-503-4466

About the size of hamburger buns, Against the Grain Gourmet original rolls are table-worthy as dinner rolls. These gluten-free rolls are free from all grains, made only with tapioca starch, milk, eggs and oil, and produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Also available in Vermont Country Rolls, Rosemary Rolls, Original Baguettes and Rosemary Baguettes. About $9 for 4 rolls. Contains egg and milk., 802-490-2355

Canyon Bakehouse’s Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia is sprinkled with rosemary and thyme—wonderful when served warm. Premium texture and taste make this focaccia a winning wintertime side. $5.49-$6.49 for 1 focaccia. Contains egg., 970-461-3844

Always read labels carefully. Manufacturers can change ingredients without warning. Not every product sold by every company listed is gluten-free or allergy-friendly. When in doubt, confirm ingredients directly with the manufacturer.

Managing editor Erica Dermer ( is author of Celiac and the Beast: A Love Story Between a Gluten-Free Girl, Her Genes and a Broken Digestive Tract.