Gluten Free Bagel Roundup

halved sesame bagel

These are the best-tasting bagels on the market. We sampled lots of brands so you don’t have to.

Readers often ask us about gluten free bagels—and no wonder. Anyone living gluten-free has likely endured some serious bagel hankering. Fortunately, there are now options available in many grocery stores across the country. Most of these commercial brands come frozen and are best when toasted. A precious few gluten-free bakeries make fresh bagels in-house—arguably worth some vacation time-off to travel for carbs.

A lot of commercial bagels are BSOs (as our editor likes to say) or “bagel-shaped objects.” In other words, they have a bagel-like appearance but they taste more like bread than a true bagel. That said, we did find some great-tasting bagels. They aren’t exactly like the bagels we enjoyed in our pre-celiac days—but close enough!

After testing plain bagels from 14 gluten-free brands, the following bagels won us over. Click the links for bagel specifications.

Bedrock Bakers

Canyon Bakehouse

New Grains Gluten Free


The Greater Knead

Trader Joe’s

Goodman Gluten Free

New Cascadia Traditional

DIY Bagels

If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the recipe for delicious homemade gluten-free bagels.