Countdown to Thanksgiving


Keep in mind that even with a quick and easy gluten-free menu and an organized kitchen, there’s always a little bit of bustle getting a big dinner on the table all at once. But keep calm and follow the schedule below to take the guesswork out of your gluten free Thanksgiving and make preparation as smooth as possible. Everything will make it to the table on time, including you!

2 Weeks Before

-Contact your guests and confirm special-diet requests.

-Firm up your menu and review gluten free ingredient inventory.

-Check your supplies—plates, glasses, napkins, tablecloth, serving trays, pans.

-Make a shopping list of supplies, non-perishables and perishables.

-Start making room in your refrigerator.

-Make your online purchases now.

-Place your turkey order now, if necessary.

1 Week Before

-Shop for non-perishables, including cranberries, sweet potatoes and wine.

-Purchase locally available supplies needed for your dinner table and meal preparation.

3–4 Days Before

-Shop for perishables.

-Buy gluten free bread and make/buy cornbread and cut them into cubes. Leave the cubes out on your counter to dry.

-Make Cranberry Orange Chutney and/or Cranberry Relish and refrigerate.

-If your turkey is frozen, place it in the refrigerator to thaw.

2 Days Before

-Prepare (don’t bake) Sweet Potato Maple Mash and refrigerate.

-Prepare the dough for the Pie Crust and refrigerate or freeze it.

-Wash and dry the herbs for garnish. Refrigerate them in zip-top bags.

1 Day Before

-Make sure the turkey is thawed. (If not, follow USDA’s cold-water thawing procedure.)

-Blanch the green beans and refrigerate.

-Make Pumpkin Butterscotch Pie and refrigerate.

-Set the table and designate your serving plates and bowls.

Thanksgiving Day

-Assign a helper to wash the prep dishes as you go for easier clean up.

-Remove the turkey from the refrigerator. Let it sit 20 minutes. Then prepare it for roasting as directed.

-While the turkey is roasting:

-Prepare Cornbread Stuffing.

-Remove Sweet Potato Maple Mash from the refrigerator.

-While the roasted turkey is resting:

    -Bake the Sweet Potato Maple Mash and Cornbread Stuffing.

    -Bring the relish and chutney to room temperature.

    -Make the Turkey Au Jus Sauce.

    -Sauté the mushrooms and green beans for the Green Bean Mushroom Sauté.

-Assign a helper to slice the turkey.

-Before you sit down to eat:

    -Put the pie on the counter so that it warms to room temperature.

    -Put on a pot of coffee or heat the water for tea to serve with dessert.


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