Celiac Disease and Your Mouth

celiac disease dental care
Getty Images Plus/ IStock/ Akikonuru

A team of Italian researchers associated with the University of Salerno evaluated the effects of celiac disease on the mouth and teeth. Previous studies have found that defects in the development of tooth enamel are seen more frequently in people with celiac disease.

This small study revealed that recurrent mouth sores, enamel defects and non-specific tooth wear can be strong indicators of celiac disease. Researchers found that about 53% of celiac patients in the study had recurrent mouth sores (compared to 25.5% of non-celiacs), over 14% of the celiac patients had dental enamel disorders (0 in those without celiac) and about 18% of the celiac patients had non-specific tooth wear (5.9% in non-celiacs) Non-specific tooth wear was characterized by loss of the mineralized tissue of the teeth.

The research points to the importance of dentists evaluating mouth and tooth health to help spot and diagnose celiac disease.

The study was published in Nutrients.