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Grilling and Barbecuing Similar?

Grilling and barbecuing are similar, but not synonymous, ways of cooking.


is a quick, hot, direct-heat method. The heat source, either charcoal or gas, covers the entire surface under grates. The food is cooked quickly with the lid open. Grilling is used primarily to prepare foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken pieces, etc.


is a slow, low, indirect-heat method. Hot charcoal briquettes are pushed to one side of the grill or just one gas burner is used rather than two or three. The meat is placed on grates with no direct heat underneath and the lid is shut. Barbecuing is typically used to prepare foods like pork roast, brisket, whole chicken, etc.


is a barbecue technique. Wood chips are soaked in water and placed directly on the heat. The food is then infused with a smoky flavor as it cooks slowly on the grill over low heat with the lid shut.

Rob Landolphi is a chef and an expert on cooking gluten free. He is also the author of the Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook. For more information or to purchase his cookbook, click here.

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