So GoodJune/July 2010 Issue

Cook Out

Make a Rub

Most commercial rubs contain wheat which helps the rub adhere to the product. Make your own rub by mixing together your favorite dry rub ingredients.

Time It Right

Brush on barbeque sauce toward the end of the cooking process. Applied too early, the outside of the meat may caramelize and burn before the inside cooks thoroughly.

Test the Temp

A meat thermometer is a chef’s best friend. Use it to determine when grilled meat and fish are ready.

Soak It Up

Marinating meat overnight does more than impart flavor. Marinades combine oil and acid (such as lemon juice or vinegar), which work together to break down the meat, making it more moist and tender.


Rob Landolphi is a chef and an expert on cooking gluten free. He is also the author of the Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook. For more information or to purchase his cookbook, click here.

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