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Living Without's Favorite Books: Ask the Doctor

Celiac Disease, A Hidden Epidemic

Celiac Disease, A Hidden Epidemic (William Morrow) is a must-read for those with celiac disease and anyone with suspect symptoms (gastrointestinal complaints, anemia, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, etc.). Co-authored by Rory Jones and well-known celiac doc Peter H. Green, M.D., director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, this edition is an update of the popular, much-respected 2006 publication of the same title. Green addresses all the why’s, what’s and how’s related to celiac disease, including the latest information on emotional fallout, testing and diagnosis, and research into a cure. Here’s comprehensive advice from one of the world’s experts on treating symptoms and complications and on assessing additional health risks. Included are invaluable references, resources and a guide to unsafe ingredients. If you buy just one medical book about celiac disease, make it this one.

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