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Living Without's Favorite Books: Which Is It?

Allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, “problem” food—the definition may be important. The Food Intolerance Bible (Conari Press) can help you determine whether the foods you’re eating are making you ill. Respected nutritionist Antony J. Haynes and award-winning cookbook writer Antoinette Savill team up to provide this complete, easy-to-follow reference about food issues. Learn to isolate and eliminate those foods causing you bloating, cramping, nausea, rashes, mood swings and energy dips. This book’s action plan and information, along with extensive data on food-related tests (where to get them, how much they cost, what results mean) can help you bring your digestive challenges under control. Add in the 70-plus recipes and you’ve got a map to better understanding, better eating and better health. 

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