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Don't Miss This! New Gluten-Free Products: 2017

New gluten-free products we think you'll love.

Daiya vegan sliced cheese

Vegan Sliced Cheese

Daiya recently updated its sliced vegan cheeses. They’re deliciously creamy, free from gluten and the top 8 allergens and made in a facility free of animal ingredients, milk, egg, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. That’s not all that’s new. Daiya has also launched an exciting line of vegan salad dressings and gluten-free Meatless Pepperoni-Style Pizza—delicious eating!

$4.99 for 7.8-ounces of cheese slices, $4.99 for dressing, $9.99 for pizza, 877-324-9211

Oats for Dinner

Oats aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Grainful offers meal kits and frozen entrees featuring gluten-free steel-cut oats. Meal kits come in Jambalaya, Tomato Risotto, Madras Curry and Homestyle Cheddar flavors. Frozen entrees are available in Unstuffed Pepper, Vegetarian Chili, Porcini Mushroom Chicken, Thai Curry and Tuscan Bean & Kale. Certified gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified and 100 percent whole grain.

$73.25 for a pack of 8, $83.25 for a variety pack of 10 (10-ounce) boxes, 607-319-5585

Most contain dairy. A few contain soy.

Grainful Oats for Dinner meals

Enjoy Life Foods mini chip snack packs

Enjoy Life Foods mini chip snack packs

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Snack Packs

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with Enjoy Life Foods baking chocolate snack packs. Each bag contains 12 mini packs of Semi-Sweet Mini Chips or Dark Chocolate Morsels. These individual packs are perfect to stash in your purse or carry-on luggage or for a late-night chocolate splurge. They’re certified gluten-free, certified vegan, certified paleo-friendly and free from the top 8 food allergens.

$7.59 for a 12-ounce bag, 888-50-ENJOY

Go Umami baked tofu bars

Surprising Tofu Snacks

Go Umami baked tofu bars from House Foods are like nothing we’ve tried before. We couldn’t get enough of this on-the-go, protein-packed soy snack. These 1-ounce refrigerated vegan bars come in three flavors: Savory, Orange Teriyaki and Hickory Smoke. Certified gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

$1.99 for a 1-ounce package, 877-333-7077

Contains soy.

Bob's red mill paleo flour

Paleo Baking Flour!

You’ll be a paleo pro with Bob’s Red Mill's new Paleo Baking Flour. Made with almond flour, arrowroot powder, organic coconut flour and tapioca flour, it’s grain-free and gluten-free—perfect for higher-protein, higher-fiber baking.

$13.99 for a 16-ounce bag, $25.99 for a 32-ounce bag, 800-349-2173

Made in a facility that uses tree nuts and soy.

Hilary's vegan breakfast patties

Easy Vegan Breakfast

Hilary’s veggie breakfast sausage isn’t sausage at all. These vegan patties are flavored like traditional breakfast sausages in Spicy and Apple Maple flavors. They’re free from corn and the top 8 allergens, certified gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified and certified organic.

$4.39 for a 7.3-ounce box, 785-856-3399

Veggie Tots

Veggie Tots

Broccoli and Sweet Potato Tots from Veggie Fries are made with sweet potatoes, broccoli, white beans and potatoes, along with garbanzo bean flour and rice flour. These gluten-free tots are full of hidden veggies with 2 vegetable servings in every 12 tots! A good source of protein and vitamins A, C and K.

$3.99 for a 13-ounce bag, 855-947-3834

My Magic Mud gluten free toothpaste

Charcoal Toothpaste

We first met My Magic Mud at our Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest in Austin. This scrub powder, made with coconut shell charcoal, whitens teeth naturally (making your smile very silly until the charcoal is rinsed off). A new toothpaste version offers a less-messy alternative, available in Peppermint, Wintergreen and Cinnamon Clove flavors—all gluten-free.

$9.99 for a 4-ounce tube, $25 for a tub (150 uses), 844-624-4263

Gluten Free Small Bites by Nicole Hunn

Gluten-Free Party Recipes

Gluten-Free Small Bites by Nicole Hunn is full of appetizers that are celiac safe. With over 100 recipes, the author of Gluten-Free on a Shoestring is at it again with winning gluten-free hors d’oeuvres for any celebration. Don’t miss Hunn's coconut shrimp, mozzarella sticks, pot stickers and hand pies.

$22.99, Da Capo Lifelong

Recipes include dairy and egg ingredients.

Ester-C Effervescent Powder lemon-lime

Immune Support

American Health's Ester-C 1000mg Effervescent Powder Packets contain a patented vitamin C supplement (with electrolytes) that you can drink. So convenient and tastes great! Available in natural lemon lime, raspberry and orange flavors, this bubbly beverage provides vitamin C in a form that stays in your white blood cells longer than regular vitamin C. Non-GMO, vegetarian. No gluten, dairy, egg, fish, peanut, soy, tree nut or yeast.

$9.99 for 21 daily doses, 866-646-8576

Always read labels carefully. Manufacturers can change ingredients without warning. Not every product sold by every company listed is gluten-free or allergy-friendly. When in doubt, confirm ingredients directly with the manufacturer.

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