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What is your beauty secret?

We asked readers what you do to look your best. Here’s how you care for your sensitive skin.


-Great skin starts with how I eat. Sticking with foods that I can eat and that are healthy keeps my skin clear and makes it glow. I also try to get eight hours of sleep most nights.

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Charlaine Martin

-I always buy my beauty products from a health food store and then read labels to check for soy and wheat protein. Argon oil is a simple moisturizer and for me it’s allergen-free.

Jeannette Leckvold

-Coconut oil can be used on your face, in your hair as a conditioner, as a body moisturizer wth a little lavender and orange oil and as a base for warming vapors when you’re sick. It’s also delicious on rice and on gluten-free bread!

Lisa Patel

-I use a sea sponge in the shower to scrub my body to get rid of old cells and refresh my skin. When dry, I rub a dab of all-natural coconut oil on my face. I use sunglasses, SPF or a fancy (yet fun) floppy hat when I go outside for over three minutes. It’s also a great option for bad hair days.

Kaitlin Madeira

-Sun is very damaging. The essential secret is wearing a hat. I always wear a hat with a wide brim outdoors.

Joyce Kormanyos

-I try not to touch my face. I have extremely sensitive skin and just touching my face can make it break out. Keeping my hands off my face has been the one thing that’s helped the most to prevent breakouts. I also clean my phone often to prevent breakouts.

N Williamson

-I try to stick with clean, organic ingredients and stay away from as many perfumes as possible.

Nancy Doyen

-My beauty secret for sensitive skin is lanolin. I’ve always struggled with dry patches of skin and have found that lanolin is the best way to help heal them. Before I go to bed, I put some lanolin on my lips and I don’t have to worry about chapped lips.

Emily Dye

-I use tear-free baby shampoo for my face and mascara cleansing at night. So cheap, no tears and effective.

Jacque McCasland

-I use gluten-free shampoo, conditioner, lip balm and liquid hand soap. I look at the ingredient list to make sure that some form of wheat isn’t in the product.

Cindy Krueger

-A healthy stomach shows on your face. Using gluten-free beauty products is essential for me.

Amy Paul

-I use castor oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E as a whole-body moisturizer. I apply it right after shaving when my pores are still open, massaging the oils into my skin. I use tea tree oil, castor oil and vitamin E as a face cream. I mostly use tea tree oil around my eyes to help soften small skin tags and clear dark circles. I also apply castor oil and tea tree oil on my scalp to help my hair grow.

Ayleene Leen Moreno

-I don’t just eat gluten-free. I use all gluten-free beauty items, as well. This has really helped my sensitive skin.

Lani Katis

-My beauty tip for handling sensitive skin is using coconut oil to moisturize.

Kelli Schulenberg

-Arnica gel helps with my minor facial eczema.

Nina Bonos

-My motto is, if I can eat it, I can wear it! Certain healthy foods I eat double as my facial wash, lotion and hair mask.

Tracy Lee Nash

-Aloe vera is a great, inexpensive, non-greasy, effective moisturizer.

Charlotte Brinsmade Odom

-Coconut oil, baking soda and cinnamon. I mix them together and use it on my face and body. It exfoliates and cleans very well.

Tonya Shay Meccarielli

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