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Visit Portland! Featured: Gluten-Free Dining Guide

This friendly, progressive Oregon town is a gluten-free, allergy-friendly foodie fest.

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Portland, Oregon: Birkenstock-wearing, fleece-clad, vegan hikers. Bespeckled hipster architects. Politically correct, naked bike-riding protesters. This caricature of Portland—evidenced on the hit show Portlandia—is lovingly embraced by this free-thinking town.

Over the past decade, Portland has also gained a well deserved reputation of being a hangout for the most conscientious foodies—vegans, locavores, farm-to-table, sustainable, gluten-free, food-allergic…you name it.

A large percentage of restaurants in Portland denote gluten-free items on the menu. And for those that don’t, the wait staff is almost always educated about which items are gluten-free. Most are also happy to accommodate customers with food allergies. There are even a number of restaurants that are entirely, or almost entirely, gluten-free.

So when you visit Portland, you’ll simply be over the moon with the options—not only what to do but also where to eat. And you’ll never, ever get stuck trying to find safe snacks at a convenience store just to make sure you don’t get lightheaded on your day out.

Here are some of Portland’s attractions and some favorite places to eat. Of course, with the exception of restaurants that are entirely gluten-free, always make sure you double-check with the wait staff that your meal is safe. There’s little danger you’ll get a confused look or an exasperated sigh in response.


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