Editor's NoteApr/May 2014 Issue

Coming Changes


We’ve been busy with two behind-the-scenes activities that I’m excited to announce.

First, we’re changing our name. Since we launched in 1998, our motto has been living well, living without. And our name has reflected the wonderful things a special-diet lifestyle offers—living without the poor health and limited menu usually associated with food allergies and sensitivities. But this title doesn’t capture the vibrant lifestyle we espouse and the mind-blowing market changes we celebrate. You’ll see our new title—Living Without’s Gluten Free & More—displayed on the cover of our next issue.

With our new name comes a new look. Starting with our next issue, our interior will be redesigned as part of our renovation.

Second, we’re throwing a party. In fact, several parties—and you’re invited. You may have already heard about Living Without’s Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fests. We’re gathering together the nation’s best (and safest) companies so you can help yourself to tons of delicious food and free samples galore. Join us in San Diego (May 3-4), Indianapolis (August 23-24) and Portland, Oregon (September 6-7). We look forward to meeting you and hearing what’s on your mind. For more information, go to GlutenFreeFoodAllergyFest.com.

While change is good, some things should never change, like the quality and focus of our content. Our heartfelt commitment to serve you, our readers, remains immutable. So our mission stays the same—to be the primary and indispensible source of information for people living gluten-free and with food allergies and sensitivities. Frankly, it’s our intent to delight you. That includes giving you a sense of community, comfort and hope—plus amazing recipes and the very latest info—in every issue.

Published for over 16 years, this magazine is the nation’s seasoned veteran of special-diet journalism. What terrific changes we’ve chronicled in the gluten-free, food-allergy world since our first issue back in 1998! It makes me shake my head in wonder and gratitude.

Here’s to progress and the exciting changes still to come.


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