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Living Without's Favorites: Get Some Culture

Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage, is said to improve wellness and promote longevity. While its health benefits are revered, its tart, tingly taste may take some getting used to. Enter a new player with fizz-bang flavor. Live, raw and organic, Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha ($3.65) is made from organic oolong and yerba mate teas and organic fruit and spices. There are eight delightful flavors to choose from—goji ginger, hibiscus ginger grapefruit, lemon ginger raspberry, cranberry ginger, pomegranate ginger, coconut water lime, passion mango ginger and cabernet grape. Loaded with beneficial enzymes, probiotics and vitamins, all are free of gluten, preservatives and GMOs. Reed’s can be found at many natural food stores. Check the website store locator., 800-997-3337

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