Try itDec/Jan 2014 Issue

Living Without's Favorites: Gluten-Free Wrap and Roll

Big appetite, little time? Glutenfreeda’s new pocket sandwiches go from freezer to microwave to your mouth in two minutes. Nutritious whole-grain bread (certified gluten-free at 5 ppm) encircles a delicious selection of savory fillings—no preservatives, no GMOs. There are four varieties. Southwest Chicken Chipotle, Hickory Smoked Ham & Cheddar, and Roast Beef with Caramelized Onions & Provolone are a surefire hit for a quick lunch or after-school repast. For a hearty breakfast on the go, Bacon & Eggs with Cheddar satisfies nicely. Here’s fast food that fills you up and fits your busy lifestyle. $3.99


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