Try itDec/Jan 2014 Issue

Living Without's Favorites: Citrus Bliss

Instead of a fruitcake this season, try a calamondin cake from Calamondin Café. This bakery in Fort Myers, Florida, uses the whole fruit—peel and all—of tart, homegrown calamondins (miniature oranges with complex flavor) to produce a line of moist, intensely citrusy confections that are gluten-free. The bakery ships single-serving rose-shaped cakes ($5) and double-size tea cakes ($12), with larger cakes for birthdays also available. Gluten-free cakes are made with a flour blend from Be Free Bakers that contains whole-grain sorghum, teff and organic brown rice flours. A special treat that’s just right for the holidays.


Contains dairy and eggs.

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