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Living Without's Favorites: Crispy & Qrunchy

Qrunch Burgers by Qrunch Foods are crispy patties of organic millet, quinoa, assorted vegetables and spices that are healthy and delicious alternatives to burgers. They are also allergy-friendly—made without gluten, dairy, eggs or nuts. And no soy either. These frozen wonders are convenient and versatile with a slightly nutty taste and a crunchy exterior. Enjoy them alone, on a gluten-free bun or as breakfast patties. Pan fry for a softer version or pop in the toaster for crispy. Top with eggs, cheese or salsa. Try with honey, nut butter, jam or jelly. Crumble over your salad. Qrunch Burgers are available in four varieties (Original, Spicy Italian, Sweet Curry, Green Chili) in the frozen food section at Whole Foods and other natural food stores. They’ll be a favorite at your house. 303-570-4113

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