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Gluten-Free Meal Planning

Take note of these simple, stress-busting steps to feeding your family.

[Updated May 14, 2015]

I talk to a lot of people about cooking, baking and food. They generally fall into one of two camps: they love to cook or the process intimidates them.

With the rise in food allergies and the need for special diets, many people who would rather not cook are forced into the kitchen. It’s often a mom or grandma who’s doing everything she can to make sure her kids or grandkids are healthy. She learns to cook special-diet meals, prepare allergy-friendly cookies and bake gluten-free bread even when it’s something she’d rather not do.

At first, the process of moving to a new diet is overwhelming. But before long, you can get into a nice groove. One of the simplest ways of getting into that groove is learning how to meal plan.

I’d be lying if I told you that I love meal planning. I don’t. But I do love what meal planning does for my family, my time, my budget and my sanity. We eat healthy meals. I spend less time cooking and more time on things that matter, like being with my loved ones. Less food goes to waste. It’s something I make myself do because of the benefits.

I didn’t learn how to meal plan until after I was married. A good friend of mine noticed that I was stopping at the grocery store four or five times a week because I needed something for dinner that night. A long-time meal planner herself, she walked me through the basics of putting together all the components that make up a successful system.

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