Editor's NoteJun/Jul 2013 Issue

Life’s a Trip

Alicia Woodward


Summer means vacation and for many people that means travel, often a daunting prospect for those with food sensitivities and allergies. In this issue, we tackle the topic of travel head-on. We want to give you the tools you need to leave home with enthusiasm and confidence.

For that reason, we tracked down some super-inspiring travelers. These food-allergic adventurers boldly go where not-so-many special dieters would go—and that’s our point. If these people with multiple food allergies and sensitivities can safely backpack up Mount McKinley and happily trek through the wilderness for days, maybe the rest of us can day-hike a park trail or perhaps even try some overnight camping. If a family of food-allergic kids and adults (including three with eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases) can pile in the car and drive across the country to Disney World, maybe your food-sensitive family can, too. There’s plenty to explore out there, and special dietary needs don’t have to hold us back.

There’s plenty to explore in our pages, as well. We uncover the latest research on fructose malabsorption, a poorly understood sensitivity to sugar that’s being seen in some with celiac disease. We interview two athletes (an Olympic gold-medal trampoline gymnast and a celebrity fitness guru). They each live on a special diet and excel in their chosen endeavors.

And, of course, we bring you lots of easy and flavorful recipes to guarantee that this will be your most delicious summer ever.

Whether you’re loading up the car or the picnic basket, we’ve got you covered this summer. Wherever you’re headed, be sure to take us with you when you go.

Life’s a trip. Don’t go hungry.

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