Editor's NoteApr/May 2013 Issue

Dinner Bell Abundance: Gluten-Free Menu Planning

Gluten-free menu planning takes care and caution. Our editor directs you to some great advice.

Photograph by Christina Anton

There’s an old iron dinner bell on the farm where I live. It’s a remnant of simpler days when workers in distant fields were alerted to breakfast, lunch and dinner by the tolling of a bell, not by their cell phones. Today, the bell’s function is strictly ornamental but the importance of mealtime hasn’t changed.

Most of us on special diets don’t need a bell to remind us there’s another meal coming. The advance planning inherent in living with a food allergy or sensitivity makes us natural foodies. Yes, we think about food a lot.

This issue is sure to get your juices flowing. Hearkening back to the days of the dinner bell when real food was, well, real food, we bring you recipes that combine pure and basic ingredients in creative, new ways. In “Foods that Cleanse”, personal chef Amie Valpone brings New York City sophistication to fresh country produce, sharing wholesome recipes that taste amazing while they enhance health. We also bring out the best of two old-fashioned ingredients—lentils and buckwheat. Too often overlooked, these nutritional heavy-hitters are welcome additions to your gluten-free diet. See simple ways to use them in your everyday meals in “Love Your Lentils” by registered dietitian Matthew Kadey and “Buckwheat” by food editor Beth Hillson.

With a delicious nod to modern-day convenience and indulgence, cookbook author Lisa Stander-Horel shows how easy it is to whip up quick desserts using a simple store-bought cake mix. Turn to “Big, Fat, Soft Cookies” for her mouthwatering treats.

We also cover a lot more than food in this issue. Read about the latest research linking mood and emotional health to gluten in “Gluten and Depression.” And learn how to address and overcome the nutritional deficiencies so common in the gluten-free community due to malabsorption and inflammation. See “Supplements for Celiacs.”

These days, the old farm bell is quiet. But occasionally, I pull the rope just to hear it ring. Despite the bell’s age, its call is loud and crystal clear—and its message remains timeless: Come and get it!

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