Editor's NoteFeb/Mar 2013 Issue

Mindful Eating

Alicia Woodward

Alicia Woodward

A spiritual practice has now reached the dinner table—Buddhist-like mindfulness focused on the act of eating. Take the bowl of lentil soup I plan to have for lunch. To eat it mindfully (instead of downing it quickly at my desk), I would pause and sensually savor each bite. The aroma of the steam floating from the mug, the feel of the hot liquid on the tongue, the subtle spices, the chunky texture, the flavor of each spoonful. Mindful eating is gaining traction as one way to address mindless binging and our nation’s expanding waistline.

Those of us on special diets are the original mindful eaters. We are experts at paying attention to the foods we ingest. Where did it come from? What’s in it? How was it prepared?

Yes, we’re trendsetters. When you get to safely eat a piece of truly delicious cheesecake (pizza, lasagna, baklava, dumplings—fill in the blank) for the first time in years, no one has to remind you to pay attention and savor each forkful.

In this issue, there’s a lot to savor. We take advantage of nutrient-dense ingredients to bring you amazing-tasting desserts (like the scrumptious cheesecake on our cover) without gluten and the top eight allergens. We break avocados out of their stereotype and use them as the go-to ingredient in allergy-friendly baking. We show you how a simple muffin tin can transform ordinary fare into extraordinary dishes. And we bring you delicious recipes for cozy Sunday suppers that warm your heart and home during these final days of winter.

But we cover more than food. In these pages, we dig into the latest research on unexplained infertility and its link to celiac disease. We explore an asthma treatment that’s gaining popularity. And we tell you all about a scientifically based dietary approach that’s taming Irritable Bowel Syndrome—the FODMAP diet, developed by a nutritional expert in Australia who has celiac disease.

As life continues its hectic pace, I hope you can take a break, take a breath. Stop and smell the roses…and savor these great gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipes.

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