Try itFeb/Mar 2013 Issue

Living Without's Favorites: Clean Containers

Kids Konserve

You work hard to buy pure, wholesome food and prepare it safely. Kids Konserve offers reusable lunch packaging that keeps it clean—non-toxic meal containers made with materials free of PBA, PVC, phthalate and lead. Designed for adults and kids alike, a typical kit includes two stainless steel containers and water bottle, a cotton napkin and a food “kozy” (a sandwich wrap you can use again and again). No more plastic baggies. No more brown bags. Sister company U-Konserve sells a variety of leak-proof storage containers and environmentally friendly utensils, ranging from stainless steel straws to bamboo forks and spoons. Practical, functional and safe, these items are fun—and there’s a lot less trash.


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