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Gluten and Allergy Apps

Dining Out

Every time her family goes to a restaurant, Adams consults her dining apps, including AllergyEats and iCanEat OnTheGo Gluten & Allergy Free, to get an idea about which restaurants might be allergy friendly. When she arrives at an eatery, she has a starting point to talk to the management about specific menu items and restaurant practices for keeping her son safe. If she's in line at a restaurant and finds out the eatery is out of her son’s favorite dish, she scans an app to find a different safe option. Apps give her family more choices when eating out, she says, along with making it easier to quickly find a place everyone can eat when going out with friends or family.

“I like having something I can check quickly and easily when we’re on the go,” she says.

Apps have broadened dining horizons for Elyse Hahne, 24, of Colleyville, Texas. Allergic to soy, wheat, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish and modified starches, she consults AllergyEats to find new restaurants near her home and when she’s traveling. She then returns to the app to rate the establishments she’s visited.

“Before the app, I wouldn’t have tried a new restaurant,” says Hahne, a teacher and blogger. “It’s opened up options for me.”

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