Editor's NoteOct/Nov 2012 Issue

In Appreciation

Alicia Woodward

Alicia Woodward

One of the things I love about Thanksgiving is the sentiment. It’s wonderful that Americans have a national holiday to commemorate and cultivate gratitude. A thankful heart is considered a key spiritual characteristic by every major religion—and no wonder. Being appreciative brings out the best in us. It can turn many lousy situations into “ah-hah” moments of insight and personal growth.

It isn’t easy being grateful when you’re living on a special diet. There’s the inconvenience, the frustration at giving up spontaneity, the worry about cross contamination, the anxiety of a reaction. And let’s be honest: The feeling of deprivation often culminates during the holidays.

That’s where we come in. This issue is packed with lots of delicious, new recipes guaranteed to get rave reviews from you and everyone around your table. No need to make one meal for your dietary needs and another for the rest of the crowd. Carol Kicinski shares her family-favorite Thanksgiving dishes, a traditional menu re-created without gluten or the top food allergens. Ivy Manning brings you homemade crispy crackers, made extra-tasty with nutritious, alternative whole grains. Matthew Kadey shows you mouthwatering ways to prepare nutrient-dense, budget-friendly root vegetables.

In addition to all the yummy food, this issue includes articles relevant to your lifestyle. We cover the groundbreaking research and news about non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the new gluten-related disorder. We help you get safe snacks served at your child’s sporting events. And we discuss the importance of support groups.

Speaking for the Living Without team, we’re mindful of our blessings—the researchers who are tackling our toughest questions in search of treatment and cure, the burgeoning gluten-free market place, the growing public awareness of food allergies and sensitivities.

It all points to the fact that it’s getting easier—and tastier!—to live well, living without. And we’re very, very thankful for that.

P.S. I’m also thankful that Living Without was named the 2012 Best Gluten-Free Magazine by Triumph Dining.

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