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Living Without's Favorite Books: Safe Treats

The Gluten Glitch

Stasie John has two children (she calls them her “food-allergy warriors”) who eat differently than other kids. To help them live happily on their special diet, she penned The Gluten Glitch (Beaver’s Pond Press, Inc.), a charming book for youngsters who can’t eat gluten. Whether your little one has celiac disease or a gluten allergy, this colorfully illustrated tale speaks directly to the emotional and social aspects of feeling deprived. The story revolves around young Gideon’s frustration and how his mother successfully reframes his gluten intolerance in a positive way: “Let’s play the I Can Eat game!” Together, mom and Gideon list all the yummy goodies he can safely savor. An uplifting book for every child who lives with special dietary needs.

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