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Living Without's Favorites: At-Home Bakery

Inspiration Mixes

Do you love the fragrance of home-baked bread wafting from your oven? Turn your kitchen into a bakery with Millet Oat Bread from Inspiration Mixes. This loaf is loaded with good stuff—organic brown rice flour, millet flour, gluten-free steel cut oats and organic coconut flour. You add eggs to boost protein and provide more richness and two packages of yeast for extra lift. (Egg-free instructions provided.) The result? A golden-brown bread with a soft, chewy, satisfying texture (no giant air holes) and the great taste of homemade. Ideal for your next sandwich. Inspiration Mixes also offers other treats—cookie mixes, cake, brownie and baking mixes, pizza crust mixes. Easy and delicious ways to be inspired and always free of gluten and dairy.


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