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Living Without's Favorite Books: Cooking Class

Few home cooks know it all about food preparation because few of us have the opportunity to attend culinary academy. Here's a book to help remedy that. Kitchen on Fire, Mastering the Art of Cooking in 12 Weeks (Or Less) (Da Capo Life Long) by Olivier Said and Chef MikeC is a full course of cooking school crammed between two covers. Superbly thought out and organized, the “boot camp” starts with choosing and using knives and goes all the way to the chemistry and physics of cooking. Insight into the science of food prep helps give home chefs the knowledge and confidence to alter their favorite recipes to meet special dietary needs. Over 500 step-by-step photos illustrate the techniques you need to create a fabulous meal and put it on the table. This book is meant to help all home chefs, newbie and seasoned cooks alike, develop greater skill and competence in the kitchen. (Note: Recipes in this book are not necessarily gluten free or allergy friendly.)

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