Editor's NoteApr/May 2012 Issue

Changing Our World

Alicia Woodward

People often wonder, How can I change the world? At Living Without, we ask the question, How can we make the world better (safer, easier, more delicious, healthier, happier) for those with food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities? This question defines our mission. Answering it is the essence of what drives the magazine.

That’s why every issue works to dispel common misperceptions. Does a special diet mean deprivation? No! Can it be both healthy and delicious? Yes!

A look inside these pages and you’ll see we aim to clear up the clutter. We talk to the experts to answer your top questions regarding gluten-free living. We get to the bottom of the confusion regarding milk allergy and intolerance.

We also dig into other trouble spots. Can kid-favorite snacks be allergy friendly, taste good and also be nutritious? Yes. Turn to Sueson Vess’ easy-to-prepare recipes on page 50. (These recipes make mouthwatering party appetizers, too.)

Can a balanced meal be gluten-free, dairy-free—and vegetarian? Yes. Be inspired by Carol Fenster’s meatless dishes.

Can an allergy-friendly wedding cake be gorgeous and scrumptious? Click here for fancy desserts that look terrific and taste great.

Must gluten-free breakfast be boring? Let Matthew Kadey’s fresh, innovative cereals transform your morning meal into an exciting wake-up call.

Maybe we can’t change the world overnight but working together, each of us can make a difference in our little corner. This occurs in a million small ways—when we speak up about special dietary needs at a restaurant, when we advocate for a child in a playgroup, camp or school, when we ask a local grocer to stock gluten-free products.

And let’s not forget the fundamental shift that occurs more privately, like the times we embrace hope and quietly refuse to settle for what’s less than best for our health.

The truth is, we change the world by changing ourselves. One day at a time. One decision at a time. One meal at a time. We’re with you every bite of the way.

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