Try itFeb/Mar 2012 Issue

Living Without's Favorites: Wonder Food

We suspect the idyllic life in Polynesia isn’t all due to the weather—it’s also the coconuts. Coconut Secret makes the case with a line of organic, allergy-friendly products (no gluten, soy, dairy, egg, tree nuts, peanut) made from coconut sap. Do you miss soy sauce? Check out Raw Coconut Aminos, a tasty replacement for those avoiding gluten and soy. Coconut Nectar is a low-glycemic natural sweetener, raw and alive with enzymes, made from the nutrient-rich “sap” of coconut blossoms. Lightly evaporate the sap and you have Coconut Crystals, another versatile sugar alternative. Age it—and voila—you have Coconut Vinegar, an excellent source of prebiotics to promote digestive health. Coconut Secret also sells coconut flour, a sweet gluten-free flour that enhances and fortifies baked goods. Available at natural food stores and online.


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