Editor's NoteDec/Jan 2012 Issue

All Is Calm, Bright...and Good

Alicia Woodward, Editor

Alicia Woodward, Editor

My friend Sarah is allergic to a long list of foods. She carries an EpiPen in case of bee stings and she occasionally misses work due to a migraine headache triggered by accidental ingestion of MSG. Yet her motto is, “It’s all good.”

When asked about it, Sarah says she’s a realist, not a Pollyanna. Her allergies have taught her many life lessons, she says, like the importance of wholesome, nutrient-dense eating, and they’ve inspired enormous culinary creativity. They’ve also deepened her knowledge and supreme respect for her body.

I like that.

I hope that this holiday season, you’re able to say, “It’s all good.” This issue can help you do just that.

We’ve packed these pages with gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipes that deliciously meet your special dietary needs. Click here for an elegant Christmas dinner, and here for festive pies and here for a tapas spread that’s just right for entertaining. No one will notice there’s no gluten or dairy (or other common food allergens) in these mouthwatering menus. Believe me, it’s all good.

In this issue, we also tackle some serious lifestyle topics. If you’re wondering whether going gluten free is worth the trouble for those over 60, click here, where we bring you the latest news and research surrounding celiac disease in seniors. We also delve into allergy anxiety, that heightened sense of worry people feel when eating out, particularly at a new spot. Click here  for help in managing those feelings while staying safe. Yes, there is a happy balance between appropriate vigilance and excessive anxiety.

This can be a stressful time of year for the budget, so don’t miss the money-saving coupons on in this issue.

We wish you and your family a season of excellent dining and safe celebrating. Here’s to a holiday table loaded with yuletide fare that meets your special dietary needs—and that’s all good!

P.S. We compiled reader-favorite recipes and entertaining hints from past years in Living Without’s Gluten-Free Holiday Guide. It’s available on newsstands and at LivingWithout.com.

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