Editor's NoteAug/Sep 2011 Issue

The Power of Empowerment

Alicia Woodward, Editor

Alicia Woodward, Editor

“You’re stronger than you think,” a friend once advised me during a time of personal crisis many years ago. These words come to mind frequently when I think about the food-sensitive community.

We are stronger than we think.

This is true in small ways and large. It takes strength to embark on a new lifestyle where staple ingredients and familiar foods are suddenly off-limits and the spontaneity of ordinary life gives way to careful planning to ensure safety. It takes strength to put yourself out there every day, checking labels and asking questions when dining out, traveling, going to school. In this issue, we talk about how that strength can blossom into advocacy (“Yes, You Can,” ). Even the most reserved of us can be empowered to effect positive changes in our lives.

Of course, this issue is packed with delicious recipes for summer. Enjoy an island meal with our Hawaiian-style dinner menu . Try our penny-pinching pastries and breakfast breads and our simple-to-make fancy cakes , easy enough for everyday dessert but special enough for important celebrations.

In these pages, we plan a special-diet tour of beautiful San Francisco . We also bring you the very latest news on bone loss and gluten intolerance (page 18). And don’t miss our Ask the Doctor interview  with leading celiac expert Alessio Fasano, MD, a great friend to the gluten-free community. His research team’s groundbreaking study scientifically confirms “gluten sensitivity” as a distinct medical condition, separate from celiac disease.

What change do you want to see in your world? A gluten-free playgroup in your neighborhood? A special-diet camp for your youngster? The chef and waitstaff at your local restaurant who understand about cross contamination and are accommodating? Food-allergy guidelines for the public schools or the restaurants in your state? Federal standards for gluten-free labeling? Funding for research into prevention and a cure?

You can do that. We can do that.

We’re stronger than we think.

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